Amy Winemiller and VA-MD Vet Med Dean Dan Givens
Dean Dan Givens presents the November 2021 Staff Member of the Month award to Amy Winemiller.

Amy Winemiller

Alumni and constituency engagement coordinator
Alumni and Referring Practitioner Relations

Amy consistently provides great work, creative solutions, and positive energy to teams and projects throughout our entire college. She is actively involved in supporting programs and improving communication tools for our alumni and referring veterinarian communities. I know the job will always get done, and done well, when Amy is behind the task. She is extremely organized and meticulous, which makes her a master event coordinator! We recently held a very successful Connect 2021 program that brought together multiple events and opportunities for engagement for the college and external audiences. Planning and coordinating these events and registration was a logistical masterpiece; without Amy, we would not have achieved the success we did.

Apart from her regular job duties, Amy also designs the Weekly Updates emails for the entire college, and she assists multiple departments with their newsletters and other promotional materials. Amy is a member of our college Wellbeing Committee, which I think epitomizes her attitude and impact on the environment and culture at VA-MD Vet Med. She works hard and maintains a positive attitude. She is a helper to many, but also comes up with creative solutions to solving problems. She is an all-around rockstar, and she makes the college a better place every day. Thank you, Amy!