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Owner-Assessed Quality of Life Factors for Mini Pigs


To develop an owner-assessed quality of life instrument for mini pigs

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Virginia Tech is recruiting pig owners for a survey-based research study to better understand what owners consider as important indicators to their pig's quality of life (i.e. your pig’s overall enjoyment of life). The study has been reviewed by the Virginia Tech IRB (protocol #21-126). During your pig’s appointment, you would be provided a consent sheet and asked to complete a single 15-minute paper questionnaire during your pig’s appointment. The quality of your pig’s care during the appointment will not be impacted whether you choose to participate or not.

This study is funded by the Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition.


  • Mini pigs 12 months of age or older who present to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital or field service as part of a routine veterinary exam 

Exclusion Criteria

  • Pigs with serious systemic illnesses or cancers

Study Design

Pigs will be enrolled during routine veterinary visits (e.g. vaccines, hoof and dental care). Pig body weight will be measured using a scale, and two veterinarians will assess the pig’s body condition score. You will be asked to write 5 indicators you believe most represent or influence your potbelly pig’s quality of life, then you will be asked to rank the factors based on importance. 

This study takes place at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Blacksburg, VA. Our field service can make housecalls within a limited radius of Blacksburg, Virginia.


Participants will receive a $100 discount off the cost of their appointment. The cost of any additional non-study treatments or diagnostic procedures undertaken for your pig during the visit are not covered by the study.


Mindy Quigley, Clinical Trials Coordinator
Office Phone: 540-231-1363

* If your query is urgent, please call the Small Animal Hospital at 540-231-4621.

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