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Tracks Magazine, spring/summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

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Tracks Magazine is produced by the VA-MD Vet Med Office of Advancement.
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Selected stories

  • General Item
    Professor Meowriority: Illustration by Steven White
    The Adventure of the Speckled Bandana

    The legendary feline detective Furlock Holmes, unravels a veterinary mystery

    Date: June 2022
  • Article Item
    Furlock Holmes: Illustration by Steven White
    A study in maroon and orange , article

    On the very eve of the introduction of a new program at the veterinary college, a valuable shipment of stethoscopes had vanished, as if into thin air. Can Furlock Holmes, the legendary feline detective, unravel this formidable mystery?

    Date: December 2021
  • Article Item
    A veterinary student in a white coat leans down to pet a brown and white dog.
    Fostering love and learning , article

    VA-MD Vet Med's new Canine Awareness and Responsibility Experience for Students program — known as CARES — fosters carefully selected dogs from local shelters to teach students about routine care and socialization.

    Date: December 2021
  • Article Item
    A DVM student tends to one of several sheep while Lynn Cosell watches.
    Friends of fleece flock together , article

    Bernie and Lynn Cosell's Fantasy Farm in Pearisburg, Virginia — home to a flock of some 100 merino sheep — has long been a destination for hands-on learning for the veterinary college's DVM students.

    Date: June 2021
  • Article Item
    Canine patient, Balian, at the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center in Roanoke, Virginia
    Transdisciplinary collaborations essential to tackling cancer , article

    A Virginia Tech research team led by veterinary oncologic surgeon Joanne Tuohy and biomedical engineer Eli Vlaisavljevich is working to refine a unique approach to treating canine osteosarcoma.

    Date: June 2021
  • Article Item
    Peter Haberkorn and his cat, Kokomo, stand before the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center in Roanoke, Virginia
    No bands, no confetti, but still grand for the region's pets , article

    In September, the opening of the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center on the Virginia Tech Carilion Health Sciences Campus in Roanoke, Virginia, finalized the relocation of VA-MD Vet Med's oncology service from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on the Blacksburg campus.

    Date: December 2020
  • Article Item
    VA-MD Vet Med alumni (clockwise from top left) Jody Kull ’04; Jennifer McQuiston ’93, ’97, ’98; Lindsey McCrickard Shields ’11; Betsy Schroeder ’16, ’20; and Jim Trybus ’04.
    Uniquely prepared for a pandemic , article

    From public health veterinarians and pathologists to veterinary epidemiologists and disease surveillance experts, VA-MD Vet Med's One Health-trained alumni have their boots on the ground in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Date: December 2020
  • Article Item
    Veterinary Teaching Hospital at VA-MD Vet Med: Illustration by Megan Quesenberry
    Wellness initiatives at VA-MD Vet Med care for students, clients, and practitioners , article

    Work is ongoing at the veterinary college and across Virginia Tech to create a supportive culture that reduces stigma and encourages people to access the resources they need.

    Date: February 2020
  • Article Item
    Saint, a retired service dog, participates in physical rehabilitation at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
    Physical rehabilitation enhances pets' quality of life , article

    When Saint, a retired service dog from Saint Francis Service Dogs of Roanoke, Virginia, began experiencing mobility issues and hind limb weakness, his new owner, Krista Sinnott, was referred to VA-MD Vet Med for physical rehabilitation to improve the 11-year-old’s quality of life.

    Date: February 2020
  • Article Item
    Amiya Veatch and her horses, Picasso and Peanut
    What a difference a yearling makes , article

    After adopting a pregnant mare rescued from squalor, Amiya Veatch turned to Virginia Tech's Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center and its Foaling Out Program for specialized care.

    Date: October 2019
  • Article Item
    Scrappy McDaniel illustration
    Scrappy McDaniel fights off cancer , article

    Oncology clinicians at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine are dedicated to advancing cancer treatments in animals and humans alike.

    Date: October 2019
  • Article Item
    Vegetables and devices to help control diabetes
    Fighting the good fight , article

    With a particular focus on underserved populations, educational programs led by Kathy Hosig — an associate professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences who also serves as the director of the Virginia Tech Center of Public Health Practice and Research — have made headway in the prevention of childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

    Date: October 2019
  • Article Item
    Justin Ganjei (DVM ’11) and (right) David Grant (chemistry ’94, M.S. ’03), associate professor of internal medicine in Small Animal Clinical Sciences
    Saving Yoda , article

    Justin Ganjei (DVM ’11), a staff surgeon at Veterinary Surgical Centers in northern Virginia, returned to Blacksburg to work with Veterinary Teaching Hospital internist David Grant and surgeon Sabrina “Bini” Barry to collaborate on a fluoroscopy-guided surgical treatment to save an internal medicine resident's cat, Yoda.

    Date: October 2019


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