Research themes

Neuropathobiology research themes include animal models for neurodevelopment and traumatic injury, neurovascularization, neuroinflammation, and neuro-oncology; and translational research.

  • Neurodevelopment and traumatic injury including neurotoxicity, neurovascular interactions, and neuroinflammation
  • Gut-brain axis
  • Novel therapies for glioblastoma

Faculty interests

  • Neurodevelopment, Dr. Paul Morton
  • Neuroepigenetics, Dr. Hehuang “David” Xie
  • Neuroinfection, Dr. Andrea Bertke
  • Neuroinjury and repair, Dr. Michelle Theus
  • Neuro-oncology, Dr. John Rossmeisl
  • Neuropharmacology, Dr. Blaise Costa
  • Neuroscience, Dr. Bradley G. Klein

Faculty research team