We are pleased to offer the Summer Veterinary Student Research Program (SVSRP), a biomedical research training opportunity for veterinary students.

The SVSRP is sponsored by the following entities:

Students applying to this summer program need to commit to a continuous 11-week program without interruption.

The program application is now available, and the deadline to apply is Friday, February 5, 2021.

Inquiries about SVSRP should be addressed to Dr. Jessica Crawford at rgsvms@vt.edu.


Program Highlights

  • One week of short courses in proposal writing, experimental design and analysis, humane care and use of laboratory animals, research ethics/management, common experimental techniques, and computer-based reports.
  • Funded travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with DVM/PhDs in research and policy positions at NIH, USDA, FDA, and Walter Reed.
  • Nine weeks of mentor-guided laboratory training in animal models of diseases.
  • Friday breakfast seminars on veterinary careers in research.

View the program overview to learn more.

Program Administration

  • Dr. Ansar Ahmed

    S. Ansar Ahmed
    BVSc, PhD

    SVSRP Director

    Associate Dean, Professor of Immunology