What is Advancement?

The Office of Advancement plays a crucial role in a Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine's (VMCVM) strategic plan by providing a framework for fundraising, alumni relations, and communications and marketing efforts. By aligning these areas with the college's mission and goals, the office helps to prioritize initiatives that will have the greatest impact on the institution's long-term success and sustainability.

Engages former VMCVM students to build a strong sense of community and support. This can lead to increased philanthropic giving, volunteerism, and career development opportunities for current and recent students. We host many events catered to our alumni including, continuing education lectures, reunion celebrations, mentorship opportunities with current students, and social events.

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    Headshot of Jasmine Bryant.
    Jasmin Bryant DVM '17 , bio

    Director of Alumni and Referring Practitioner Relations ▪︎ jasmineb@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-4222

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    Headshot of Anokhi Valia.
    Anokhi Valia , bio

    Advancement Program and Event Manager ▪︎ anokhiv@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-5809

Promotes VMCVM’s mission, programs, and achievements to a wider audience. By developing effective and integrated messaging strategies, this team can enhance the college's reputation, attract top talent, secure funding, and engage new stakeholders.

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    Andrew Mann
    Andrew Mann , bio

    Director of Communications and Marketing ▪︎ andrewfjmann@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-9005

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    Headshot of  Kevin Myatt.
    Kevin Myatt , bio

    Communications Senior Writer and Editor ▪︎ kmyatt@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-7969

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    Headshot of Margie Christianson.
    Margie Christianson , bio

    Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing ▪︎ marjorielee@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-5825

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    Headshot of Madison Brown.
    Madison Brown , bio

    Communications Specialist ▪︎ mkbrown19@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-6716

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    Amy Winemiller
    Amy Winemiller , bio

    Website and Digital Project Coordinator ▪︎ awinemiller@vt.edu ▪︎ 540-231-4393

Spearheads fundraising efforts to support academic programs, research initiatives, and other institutional priorities. This office is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with alumni, donors, and other stakeholders, and for creating and executing comprehensive development strategies that align with the VMCVM’s mission and goals. Through targeted campaigns, events, and outreach efforts, this team helps to secure the resources necessary to ensure the success and sustainability of a college's programs and operations.