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 Phase IV dock D gates

Please keep Phase IV dock D gates locked due to their air-handler intakes. If you unlock the gates, please relock them as soon as possible.
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Phone: 540-231-7599

To request facility modifications or minor repairs, send an email directly to Doing so enables the facilities support team to create a ticket that can be tracked and assigned to a team member. This system allows the team to keep organized records and to uphold college design standards on modifications and new installations.

Types of requests

  • If you need to order furniture or have equipment that must be installed or has special electrical requirements, please email prior to ordering. Doing so allows the team to prepare for special requirements and to assist with furniture procurement. Most items that are sent to Virginia Tech surplus are beyond their useful life, so the team tries to avoid surplus property when funds allow.
  • If you need something assembled, email the team prior to ordering.
  • If you need to hang or mount anything on the wall, such as whiteboards or pictures, please email your request.
  • If you need something removed and/or stored temporarily, please email your request.

In general, if tools will be used to perform a space modification, a work order must be submitted to

If you are unsure if a request should be submitted to VA-MD Vet Med Facilities Support or to Virginia Tech Facilities, the team will forward requests to the correct designation.