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Veterinary Memorial Fund

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Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals

For veterinarians and practice owners, we offer the option to send a personalized Certificate of Remembrance to pet owners, informing them that a donation has been made in memory of their beloved pet. Your tribute, however you choose to honor your cherished companion, will have a lasting impact on the lives of pets and their families for years to come. We are honored to be part of this meaningful memorial process and appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the enduring bond between humans and animals with you.

Clinic and Hospital Benefits:

  • Grief Support Resources: By participating with a $15 minimum per pet, your clinic will receive a comprehensive 10-page PDF filled with grief support resources. This includes self-care information, tips on comforting grieving pets, and advice on supporting children of any age, all provided by our Veterinary Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Augusta O’Reilly. You can easily print and share these valuable resources with your clients.
  • Advancing Veterinary Medicine: Your contributions directly support our clinical research projects, helping to drive progress and innovation in veterinary medicine. This benefits general practitioners by bringing a gold-standard spectrum of care to local clinics, enabling them to offer high-quality treatment to all clients, regardless of income.

Owner Benefits:

  • Heartfelt Remembrance: Within 10 business days of receiving your donation, we send a customized Certificate of Remembrance to the families honored by your generous gift. This certificate acknowledges your kindness and compassion, providing comfort and heartfelt gratitude. It reassures families that your care extends beyond the final visit, often encouraging them to return to your clinic with future furry family members.
  • Complimentary Grief Counseling: We offer every euthanasia client two free virtual grief counseling sessions with Augusta O’Reilly or her intern. This helps families navigate the difficult period without their beloved pet.


VMCVM Benefits:

  • Advancing Veterinary Medicine: Your contributions support our clinical research projects, driving progress and innovation in veterinary medicine. This research benefits the general practitioner by bringing advanced medical care to local clinics, ensuring more pets receive the best possible treatment.

Individual Donors

Pets enrich our lives immensely, and losing a cherished companion animal can feel like losing a family member. During such times, kind words and gestures from friends and family can significantly ease the grieving process.

Celebrate the legacy of a cherished pet by making a memorial donation to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon receiving your gift, we will send a personalized Certificate of Remembrance to the honoree in memory of their pet, acknowledging your thoughtful contribution to the college in their honor.

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You may choose to give to the Memorial Fund directly (linked above) or you may choose to support the following priority areas:

Honoring the Bond Memorial Board

Sharing Your Pet's Story

We understand that there are not a lot of places to share all the fond memories you have of your bond with your pet. So at the College of Veterinary Medicine we created a virtual memorial board where our families can showcase their loved ones. 

This is a public space that is open to our families of the VTH to utilize so share the story of their pet, say kind words to others, or to feel connected with others that have experienced the same bond. 

To post, click the button below "Go To Board"

History of Fund

The Veterinary Memorial Fund, established in 1985 through a collaboration between the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA), receives memorial contributions from veterinarians, pet owners, and animal lovers. These donations honor the special bonds between pets and their owners, and they support scientific research aimed at enhancing healthcare quality for future generations.

The Veterinary Memorial Fund transforms a time of emotional difficulty into one of positive impact. It provides comfort to the bereaved by turning a painful event into a source of good, offers veterinarians a meaningful way to express condolences, and advances medical knowledge.

Since its inception, the Veterinary Memorial Fund has raised nearly $2.14 million, funding over 100 projects to improve veterinary medical care for our cherished pets. It has enabled VMCVM scientists to advance knowledge, refine procedures, and perfect techniques in areas such as genetics, imaging technologies, chemotherapy, wound healing, dental disease, and equine laminitis.

Currently, we have over 300 clinics throughout Virginia and the surrounding areas that benefit from the reciprocal relationship formed by this fund. By broadening our reach, we aim to expand our research pool and make a meaningful impact on even more pet-loving families we support. 

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