The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VMCVM) is classified as a primary brand extension of the Virginia Tech brand. Because we are a partnership between Virginia and Maryland, our brand is central to the mission of both Virginia Tech and University of Maryland and therefore uses a distinct visual identity.

This guide addresses the branding components that are specific to the veterinary college. For branding guidelines not addressed in this guide, please consult the Virginia Tech Brand Center.

By consistently and accurately employing the resources provided in this guide, you strengthen the college’s presence and expand its reach. Presenting information using these resources, standards, and guidelines will both save you time and raise the bar in developing trusting, productive, rewarding relationships with our many diverse constituents. To learn more about how your use of the brand can help advance our college, please contact the college's Communications and Marketing team using the Communications Request Form.


To request the Communications and Marketing team's services (e.g., design, photos, video, website content, news release), please use our Communications Request Form.


Effective May 31, 2021, the university announced that printing will no longer be offered through Virginia Tech Printing Services. The Procurement Department has established a list of licensed vendors for printing and ordering university business cards. A great local option is Old Town Printing.

Business Cards


To ensure consistency and brand compliance, all merchandise — including swag, apparel, office gifts, promotional displays, banners, signage, and packaging — bearing reference to VMCVM/Virginia Tech must be produced by a licensed vendor and reviewed by the university's Licensing and Trademarks office. Officially licensed vendors are required to follow strict fair-labor practices that meet the Virginia Tech Licensee Code of Conduct.

Because ordering items for your student chapter/department/program can be daunting, we've put together this quick guide to simplify the process for you. This process can take up to two weeks, so we encourage you to plan ahead. The Licensing and Trademarks office is always willing to help and can be reached at


  1. Decide what type of promotional product you're seeking.
  2. Select the licensed vendor(s) you'd like to work with.
    • All products featuring a university trademark must be produced by a licensed vendor.
    • More information is available at
  3. Download VMCVM or Virginia Tech logos.
    • High-quality versions of all VA-MD Vet Med logo variants are available on the college Intranet. A valid Virginia Tech PID and password are required.
    • If you require the college logo, but do not have access to the Intranet, please complete a Communications Request Form.
    • The VA-MD Vet Med seal is recommended for formal items, but can be used on department/program apparel.
    • Learn more about VMCVM logo use.
  4. Submit your artwork to the licensed vendor or work with the licensed vendor to design brand-compliant artwork.
  5. Once the artwork has been submitted, it is the responsibility of the vendor to submit the artwork for review by Virginia Tech’s Licensing and Trademarks office.
  6. If there are questions, the artwork will be submitted to Communications and Marketing for final approval. The artwork will be approved if it fits within Virginia Tech Licensing Guidelines. If adjustments are needed to meet these standards, you will be notified.
  7. Once the artwork has been approved, your vendor is free to produce your products!


The college provides branded templates for letterhead, envelopes, PowerPoint slides, and email signatures customized for various departments, programs, and units. For letterhead and envelopes, contact the administrative assistant for your department, program, or unit. PowerPoint and email signature templates are available on the college Intranet.


Have questions about the college or university brand guidelines or want guidance on developing a brand-compliant design? Reach out to us at and we will be happy to support.

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    Vet Med Maroon and Grey
    Colors and Fonts , article

    The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is classified as a sub-brand of the Virginia Tech brand. In order to maintain a consistent college brand identity, we have our own official set of colors and fonts that are associated with our brand.

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    Vet Med Swag
    Logos and Seal , article

    The college's logo is the most visible and memorable branding tool. It is important to use the logo in a consistent and professional manner in order to build and preserve the strength of our brand.

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    Person Writing.
    Writing Style , article

    All college communications adhere to Virginia Tech’s University Style Guide, maintained by University Relations; however, several rules and usages common at the veterinary college are not directly covered by the University Style Guide.