The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine has two main brand identifiers: the college logo and seal.

The most visible and memorable branding tool, the college’s logo must be used in a consistent and professional manner to build and preserve the strength of our brand. In mid-2014, the college dropped the word “Regional” from its name in all but the most formal communications and on the college’s seal. In turn, the college’s logo was updated to reflect this change. Please do not continue to use a version of the logo that includes “Regional.” Instead, download and use the current approved logo.

The college seal is generally reserved for more formal applications and still retains the word “Regional.”

College Logo
College Seal


  • Always use the logo files provided by the college — never recreate or modify. Logo files can be downloaded on the college Intranet. A valid PID and password are required. If you require the college logo, but do not have access to the Intranet, please complete a Communications Request Form.
  • High-quality versions of all Virginia Tech logo variants are available on the Virginia Tech Brand Center.


The college logo is composed of the square icon with the Staff of Aesculapius and a typeset in Tanek. The horizontal logo is the primary logo and should be used in most instances. The vertical version of the logo is ideal for limited horizontal space and for vertical, square, or circle-shaped spaces. Each logo has a full color, black/white/gray, and one color options.

The logo may be produced in copper, gold, or silver inks or foils. The logo may also be embossed or debossed.

It’s important to ensure adequate space around the college logo in order for the logo to work best in print and on the web. See examples for spacing requirements.

Minimum Size: Horizontal Logo
Minimum Size: Vertical Logo

Different versions of the full color and black/ white/gray logos should be used for light or dark background applications. Every part of the logo should clearly stand out from the background.

Avoid using full-color logos on photographs or patterns unless the logo sits on a black or white area of the image.

If the full-color logo does not stand out on a background, a one-color logo should be used.

Background Color Examples
VA-MD Vet Med Horizontal Logo

One-color logos should be used when parts of the full-color logos are not easily legible.

The black one-color logo should be used on light backgrounds only and the white one-color logo should be used on dark backgrounds. 

The maroon one-color logo is strictly used for white, light gray, or transparent applications and must have prior approval from Communications and Marketing.

One Color Example
Logo Misuse Examples

See more examples of proper and inproper uses here.

Unlike Virginia Tech’s official seal, our college seal does not have an official policy restricting when it may be used; however, we request that you contact the college Communications and Marketing team to determine if the seal is appropriate for your project. Generally the seal is recommended to be used in more formal situations. All guidelines for the college logo also apply to the college seal.

Approved college seals.

The college logo is made up of two elements: the brandmark, which is the square Staff of Aesculapius icon, and the wordmark, which is the custom design of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine name.

The college brandmark may be used on its own in situations where size or design considerations necessitate it, with permission from the Communications and Marketing team; anywhere when the entire college logo is also present elsewhere on the item; and on official college social media profile photos/thumbnails.

Usage of the Brandmark Alone Example

The college name may be used on promotional products if written out in full. Never use “VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine” or “Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine.”

If using the VMCVM acronym, the full college name or logo must appear on another location on the design. We recommend but do not require the usage of brand fonts for this purpose.

Creative design use of the college name must be approved by the Communications and Marketing team.

Use of the College Name Example

Public Health and Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences are Virginia Tech departments not affiliated with Maryland. These logos should follow all guidelines outlined by Virginia Tech and can be downloaded at

Public Health Logo

Each hospital within the college has distinct identities, as defined in the Virginia Tech Brand Guidelines. Usage of these identities should follow Virginia Tech brand guidelines found in the Virginia Tech Brand Center and can be downloaded on the collage intranet.

The logos with the college name included are preferred for most applications.

The hospital identities may be used on their own with the trademark designation in situations where size or design considerations necessitate it, with permission from the Office of Licensing and Trademarks; anywhere when the Virginia Tech logo is also present elsewhere on the item; and on official college social media profile photos/thumbnails.

EMC Logo
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Logos
Virginia Tech Logo
University of Maryland Logo