Heather Catanzaro and VA-MD Vet Med Interim Dean Greg Daniel
Interim Dean Greg Daniel presents the June 2018 Staff Member of the Month award to Heather Catanzaro.

Heather Catanzaro

Anesthesia technician
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Employed as an anesthesia technician for just over a year, Heather Catanzaro has turned in a "remarkable performance," responsible for the safety of the patient during the anesthetic episode and alerting the anesthesiologist in the event of complications. "She is effective at managing routine anesthetic complications independently, but also identifying situations when she needs the assistance of the anesthesiologist. When asked for assistance, she never shies away, even from the most menial task," wrote Heather's nominator.

As a clinical instructor, Catanzaro also works with students. She's known for her affable, pleasant personality that eases students' anxieties and improves their chance of success. As a result of her positive demeanor, her student evaluations are always impeccable.