Karolee Furrow and Margaret Slusser with VA-MD Vet Med Interim Dean Greg Daniel
Interim Dean Greg Daniel presents the August 2018 Staff Member of the Month award to Karolee Furrow and Margaret Slusser.

Karolee Furrow and Margaret Slusser

Hospital stores

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

With more than 50 years of combined experience working in the hospital stores, Karolee Furrow and Margaret Slusser make a formidable team. Described as "simultaneously the glue that keeps the hospital together and the wheels that keep the hospital moving," these women have a real dedication and passion for their jobs. By providing hospital clinicians and staff members with the supplies, food, and linens required, they are able to make everyone's roles easier. Additionally, Furrow and Slusser "provide friendly faces and a warm, welcome atmosphere when their help and advice are solicited."