Lynn Margheim
Lynn Margheim

Lynn Margheim

Instructional design specialist
Department of Population Health Sciences

If there was ever anybody who deserves this award, it is Lynn Margheim. She has been incredibly valuable to PHS as we moved acutely to online delivery of courses. Not only is she very knowledgeable on how to do that, but when there was something she didn't know how to do, she didn't hesitate to take on the task of learning how to accomplish whatever it was we needed. She volunteered to join several of my classes to help make sure things went well and to help with breakout rooms the first time I used them. I don't know what I would've done if we hadn't had her as a resource. She deserves this and much more recognition for the hard work she did willingly, competently, and always with a smile. Thank you so much, Lynn! You are a jewel.


Although Lynn Margheim has been an invaluable member of our Population Health Sciences (PHS) team since she first started working with us, her dedication grew to new heights once COVID hit and we had to pivot to online learning. None of us had much expertise in online teaching, and Lynn was right there along the way the whole time to help us adapt. She was not only responsive (in an incredibly timely fashion) to our requests for help on Canvas, Zoom, or other platforms, but she was proactive in setting up quick tutorials and online sessions for us to help us succeed. She always goes one step beyond to make sure that we can shine and always has a tip to share — anything from how to position your camera to look your best, to how to form breakout groups and create polls in Zoom. When our graduation was canceled, Lynn volunteered (and has been working HOURS) to create an online graduation video — and individual videos for each graduation student. She has put countless hours into this effort. I have no doubt that our relatively seamless transition to online learning was due to Lynn being the backbone of our online learning strategy. Thank you, Lynn, from the bottom of my heart!

As a new faculty member at Virginia Tech teaching two new courses this semester, I found Lynn's unwavering assistance and support simply invaluable! In addition to helping me transition to online teaching due to COVID19, she went above and beyond assisting me with the creation of online exams and generously took the time to preview/practice them to ensure everything was working properly.

When we received the news in March that all classes would be moving online, Lynn stepped up to the plate and began offering her technical skills and expertise with Canvas, Kaltura, and Zoom to all PHS faculty. She has been a lifesaver, both in terms of helping faculty through this challenging time, as well as being an advocate for continuing to ensure that students receive a quality educational experience. Lynn is such an integral part of our department: She displays excellence in teamwork and technical expertise and always brings positive energy to her interpersonal interactions. She is a true joy to work with, and I can't even imagine how we would have fared during these past few months without her. She is truly deserving of this recognition (and more!).

1) Lynn has been instrumental in my learning the ropes at Tech. She has spent time training me on Canvas and offered support during both semesters. She always was happy to troubleshoot problems with the technology.
2) Lynn provides ongoing technical support for my students. One of my clusters requires students to develop a webinar for the course, then discuss it. This has been a new assignment for many students, and she always promptly responds to inquiries and helps students in a timely manner.
3) Lynn has provided instructional design support to me for my courses. My courses are very different and must use different strategic pedagogy to be effective. Lynn has met with me numerous times to discuss alternative approaches and strategies to support student-centered learning.
4) Lynn provides specific expertise in course design for my community health course. While it is still under development, Lynn has made time to work with me to improve the field component, emphasize key aspects of the core content, and redesign testing and student engagement. It will be a great course, thanks to Lynn.
5) Lynn has connected me to many excellent resources on campus, including expert faculty in different areas. She has been specifically helpful in working with Dr. Teaster and me in the redesign of a course required for a certificate program. We are updating content, including prioritizing reading material and other content, modifying pedagogy and the assessment strategies. It's becoming a great course, thanks to Lynn!
And that's not including all the other technology she brings to the whole department to improve communications and efficiency!

Lynn was already providing essential technical support for my two courses this spring. The courses were already hybrid with substantial online presence with her amazing touch. When classes went 100% remote after spring break, I would have been overwhelmed without her support. She was calm and ready to help at any moment. She joined my Zoom class sessions for the whole time for the first couple of weeks to coach me through using breakout rooms, sharing materials on screen, etc. When I told students during Zoom class sessions that I would adjust time frames for deliverables, she had that done in real time before the class session ended. Any time I needed help posting new materials and adjusting due dates, etc., she was at the ready, even on evenings and weekends. Lynn truly saved the day for me and my colleagues as we made the switch to 100% online in less than two weeks. Her talent, creativity, work ethic, and commitment to faculty and students are truly exceptional.