Desiree Waldo and VA-MD Vet Med Dean Dan Givens
Dean Dan Givens presents the March 2021 Staff Member of the Month award to Desiree Waldo.

Desiree Waldo

Veterinary assistant
Animal Cancer Care and Research Center

Desiree is an outstanding member of the oncology team at the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center. Ever since the day she started her position as a veterinary assistant at the Animal Cancer Center, she has displayed an exemplary work ethic. Desiree never hesitates to take on responsibilities, even if they extend beyond her duty expectations as a veterinary assistant. She shows full commitment to the success of the team, is willing to work hard, and does so with a smile. Desiree is an excellent team player, always ready to help other members of the team. Desiree has exhibited an incredible ability to be flexible, excelling at the wide variety of tasks that she has been given. Desiree displays compassion for clients and their pets, and will go above and beyond to help a client and their pet. The Animal Cancer Care and Research Center is extremely fortunate to have Desiree as part of the oncology team, and we appreciate all the work that she has done and will continue to do!