Stephanie Riggins and VA-MD Vet Med Dean Dan Givens
Dean Dan Givens presents the August 2021 Staff Member of the Month award to Stephanie Riggins.

Stephanie Riggins

Ophthalmology technician
Ophthalmology Service, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH)

We are writing to support the nomination of Stephanie Riggins for the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Dean's Staff Member of the Month Award. The VTH's Ophthalmology Service is a busy service providing patient care to both small and large animal hospitals. Consequently, an ophthalmology technician position comes with great responsibilities, including assistance with exams and diagnostic procedures, submission of specimens for analyses, and extensive interaction with students, residents, referring veterinarians, and clients. Steph's exceptional ability to communicate and coordinate information helps to create a well-rounded and great flow to the service. Her skill sets provide excellent care for our patients, and her can-do attitude sets her apart. Steph is constantly thinking about how to improve things, and every aspect of her job is performed quickly and efficiently. In addition to her motivation and proactivity, Steph always has a smile on her face, setting out a positive approach to a busy day at work. We are very grateful to have her on our team.