Jamie Herman and VA-MD Vet Med Dean Dan Givens
Dean Dan Givens presents the September 2021 Staff Member of the Month award to Jamie Herman.

Jamie Herman

Patient coordinator, Nutrition Service
Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH)

This recognition is way overdue as the nominee recently transitioned to a new position. However, the delay in recognition should not reflect on her efforts.

In April 2019, Montez Vaught passed the Nutrition Service coordinator baton to Jamie Herman. Jamie helped to further integrate the Nutrition Service into the VTH infrastructure. There were (and still are) several nuances to how the Nutrition Service works, and Jamie navigated all of them, such as explaining remote nutrition appointment prepayment to clients. Jamie helped clients complete the antiquated Word-based client nutrition request form. Jamie was always flexible in working with a relatively dynamic appointment schedule. Jamie was always helpful in reviewing the Nutrition Service website and form or protocol updates and took the lead with some efforts.

In April 2021, Jamie passed the baton to Morgan Johnson (who is off to a strong and seamless start) and now serves as a VTH operator.