Dean Dan Givens presents the October 2023 Staff Member of the Month award to Robyn Fox.
Dean Dan Givens presents the October 2023 Staff Member of the Month award to Robyn Fox.

Robyn Fox

Community Practice Technician
Veterinary Teaching Hospital


Robyn has been an integral part of Community Practice for many years and has consistently been an exemplary employee. She has spent countless hours over and above her regularly scheduled duties to ensure that the service functions at the highest level possible. For the past 18 months, she has functioned as both a lead technician and a practice manager by coordinating doctor, technician and student schedules, ensuring that patients are seen as quickly as possible, fulfilling her technician responsibilities for 6 doctors and a resident and interns, teaching students over the course of each 3-week rotation, completing a certification in hospice care, covering numerous ICU shifts, and taking primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the service. She is consistently professional and is extremely dedicated. Her willingness to look for solutions rather than only identify problems is boundless, and she has an incredible work ethic that is far above average. Robyn frequently volunteers to take on additional tasks that have the potential to make the service operate more effectively and efficiently, such as recently completing an update and revision of the college’s blood donor manual. Her drive to help the Community Practice service, and the rotation, be the best possible is abundantly obvious.

Robyn’s technical and clinical skills are outstanding. She is both competent and capable, and has consistently placed patient welfare as her top priority, completing low-stress handling certification and feline friendly practice certification. Her ability to accurately and successfully perform dental radiography, anesthetization and anesthetic monitoring, intravenous catheterization, phlebotomy, patient evaluation and assessment, and low-stress patient handling to name a few, demonstrates the breadth of her technician skills and qualifications.

Robyn has more than earned this recognition, and continues to demonstrate performance that proves she is worthy of it. Please consider her highly as a candidate for the award.