Dean Dan Givens presents the November 2023 Staff Member of the Month award to Andrea Collins.
Dean Dan Givens presents the November 2023 Staff Member of the Month award to Andrea Collins.

Andrea Collins

Lab Specialist
Multidisciplinary Lab

Nomination 1

Andrea has been an employee of the college for over 20 years and has served in both the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and most recently in MDL.  She is highly-skilled as an LVT and demonstrates excellent care of animals, but is also great with students in the lab. She facilitates learning while caring well for others around her. She has stepped up in the lab during a time when we were short-staffed without complaint and is always positive and upbeat. She is a pleasure to work with and is a great asset to our teaching program.

Nomination 2

Andrea came into the MDL unit not very long ago and she has taken the reins and done a phenomenal job with supporting the Small Animal labs for the first-third year students. She has brought with her an immense amount of knowledge that is beneficial to the students. Even in areas that might not be her line of “expertise” she takes it in stride and takes the initiative to reach out to learn what she needs to. The students and Academic Affairs are lucky to have such a great LVT to help support their lab sessions. Not to mention having to organize/maintain an extremely packed schedule this Fall by herself, due to unforeseen circumstances. Andrea is very much appreciated and deserving of this recognition!!

Nomination 3

Andrea has done an amazing job keeping the teaching labs running for the first-third year students this past year.  She always has everything ready for them to succeed and makes instructors’ lives easier.  She is proactive in talking with lab leaders well in advance to make sure all the teaching needs are met.  Her organization skills are excellent and if any last-minute changes are needed, she is always on top of it.  Her teaching skills are excellent and the students enjoy working with her very much.  This is especially impressive given the breadth of skills she is required to teach.  Moreover, she has been doing the job all by herself the entire summer and fall semester which is a mammoth feat in and of itself.  Andrea is truly one of the unsung heroes of the college and an integral part in making the DVM curriculum run.

Nomination 4

Andrea has taken on an increased workload with grace. She always offers to help and has a smile. She handles everything with kindness and patience.

Nomination 5

Andrea is an excellent LVT and a huge asset to MDL. She is organized and makes sure she stays on top of all labs. She thinks ahead of potential things to improve the labs and to avoid issues. She goes above and beyond to make things look easy. She is very deserving of the recognition for her hard work especially as she is doing the job of 2 techs. I fully support this nomination

Nomination 6

Andrea is an invaluable member of MDL, she works incredibly hard and is completely dedicated to ensuring the labs run smoothly. Andrea plans for the teaching labs well ahead of time, and is well organized. Andrea is dedicated to the students and their learning. She knows all the students and has a positive rapport with them. I cannot thank Andrea enough for all her efforts in making sure our students get an excellent education at VT.

Nomination 7

Andrea is simply one of those people that make’s wherever they are a better place. Where help is needed she is there to help, where there’s a better way she leads the way there, when there is a challenge she offers a solution, when there is joy she is there to celebrate those moments and when the day is hard she is right beside you working thru it. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an exceptional person.