With the continued growth of our college’s programs, students, and hospitals, the need for world-class faculty members and researchers is essential. Moreover, because attractive positions in veterinary, public health, and biomedical sciences fields are available worldwide, recruiting the best and the brightest has become increasingly challenging.

In order for the college to be an international leader, developing endowed professorships that guarantee continual funding for a crucial position is critical, providing the resources to recruit and retain the best in the field.

This impact is demonstrated through the recent appointment of Mohamed Seleem as the Tyler J. and Frances F. Young Chair in Bacteriology, a professorship named for an alumnus and his wife who endowed the position to recognize the need for funding a priority area of the college. Recognized globally for his antimicrobial drug discovery research program, Seleem, who arrived at the college with an experienced group of researchers, is an integral addition to our team and will lead the college’s efforts in building infectious disease research capacity.

Not only do these endowed professorships provide financial stability and recruitment resources, they have the potential to shape the foundation of the college. The creation of more endowments, which are fueled by a passion to improve research, education, and clinical services and are focused on innovation and education, is integral both to the college’s mission and core principles and to advancing the college’s vision of being international leaders in veterinary medicine and public health.