At age 9, Matt Iager assisted the veterinarian who performed surgery on his prized show cow. From that day on, his goal was to become a food animal veterinarian.

After graduating from the veterinary college in 1996, Iager joined Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians in Hagerstown as a food animal veterinarian specializing in bovine embryo transfer. These days, he splits his time between the Hagerstown practice and MD-West-View Genetics, his embryo donor facility where his wife, Laura, and their children, Noah and Brooke, assist with the facility’s operations.

“The veterinary college has truly given me the opportunity, tools, and skills needed to successfully live out my dream with the Veterinarian’s Oath in my daily walk,” Iager said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my four years in Blacksburg, and all of those experiences helped me to mature as a person and teach the concepts of community, service, and giving.” 

Although Iager’s parents had taught him and his brothers to always work hard and give generously, his philanthropic sights were set especially high when, as a senior at the veterinary college, he received the Robert L. Hogsett Memorial Award, which honors leadership, professionalism, and proficiency in clinical veterinary medicine.

Every year since graduation, Iager has given at the level he was able to, supporting various projects at the college. In 2014, he initiated the creation of the Dr. Matt Iager Veterinary Scholarship in Food Animal Medicine, completing the endowment in 2019. The scholarship provides support to fourth-year students in the food or mixed animal medicine track, with preference given to students with a particular interest in dairy production medicine.

“My gifts to the veterinary college are a small thank you for the opportunities it has provided me, as well as a way to recognize outstanding students in the food animal area,” Iager said. “They help to inspire other generous people in their daily journeys by planting a seed that continues the long-lasting tradition of philanthropy.”