With an anticipated opening date in fall of 2023, The Steven and Jane Hale Indoor Arena Complex at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) will provide the ideal environment to evaluate not only orthopedic issues but heart, lung and other issues associated with athletic performance in the horse. 

This arena, featuring multiple types of footing for improved diagnostic capabilities, was made possible by the foresight and vision of Aimee and Frank Batten, who generously provided the initial match challenge, setting into motion a wave of support which inspired trustees of the Steven D. Hale Trust and EMC clients Karen and James Squires.

“Identifying lameness issues takes both knowledge and a keen eye. It is easy to miss subtle issues when you are looking at a horse in his home barn or arena, which may not have the best lighting. Being able to bring my horse to a place where a sports medicine specialist can watch him move on varied footing, indoors with good consistent lighting, gives us a much better chance of pinpointing the problem, the first step to solving it. It is easy to see the value of this space, and I look forward to hearing the many success stories that will come from it,” said Karen Squires.