For years, Bernie and Lynn Cosell’s home and passion project—Fantasy Farm in Pearisburg, Virginia—has been a destination for experiential learning for the veterinary college’s students. The Cosells partnership with the college has been mutually beneficial as they sleep better at night knowing they can depend on the 24/7 emergency support from the VTH’s large animal service. 

“We think that the work at the vet school is very important - it both trains veterinarians, which benefits the whole country, and provides a service to the community”,said the Cosells.

"We donated to the large animal service for several reasons: first they help us take care of our flock and have been invaluable. We also think the large animal service does not get the kind of support [it deserves] and because the veterinary programs are grueling and expensive we want to help as many students be able to afford the education through scholarships. ”

A shining example of the power of collaboration, the Cosells have moved their support of future veterinarians beyond just field training: Their gift of nearly a half-million dollars to the college will create an endowed scholarship benefiting large animal veterinary students for years to come.