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Alumni Spotlight

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    Veterinarian in a white coat standing in front of a veterinary clinic sign.
    Alumni Spotlight: Jaclyn Clement (DVM '11) , article

    Jaclyn Clement is proud to be a VMCVM alum! This incredible journey equipped her with more than just clinical skills. She learned the art of resilience, embracing life's challenges, and turning them into stepping stones for success.

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    Two people at Glacier National Park with the sunrise in the background.
    Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Gorman DVM '11 , article

    Andrew Gorman DVM '11, currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the Comparative Medicine Branch at the National Institute of Environmental Health Science/NIH. With a foundation from the veterinary college, his well-rounded veterinary expertise extends from hands-on practical experience to advocating for staff development, emphasizing empathy in professional interactions, and dispelling misconceptions about lab animal medicine.

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    Bom Harris (DVM '08) with a calf.
    Alumni Spotlight: Bom Harris (DVM '08) , article

    Bom Harris has been practicing in Virginia since graduating from the college in 2008. Harris hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and now resides in Beaverdam, Virginia. She is active in her community, focusing on producer and 4H education.

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    Man holding a large white and black cat.
    Alumni Spotlight: Calvin Lau DVM '17 , article

    Calvin Lau, a proud VMCVM DVM 2017 alum, reflects on how VMCVM equipped him for the real world by emphasizing continuous learning and problem-solving skills. For him, the best part of being a VMCVM alum lies in the enduring friendships and bonds formed with his graduating class, who continue to support each other.

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    Portrait of Tanya LeRoith in the ViTALS Lab at VMCVM.
    Alumni Spotlight: Tanya LeRoith (DVM '99) , article

    For this month's alum profile, a "double dose" as Tanya LeRoith is both an alumna (DVM '99) and a clinical professor of anatomic pathology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology at the college.

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    Photo of Jesper Lorentzen (B.S. '00, DVM '04) speaking at the VMCVM 2021 white coat ceremony.
    Alumni Spotlight: Lorentzen (B.S. '00, DVM '04) , article

    Dr. Jesper Lorentzen started working at Hanover Green Veterinary Clinic as a relief doctor in 2013. Quickly growing to love the hospital as well as the staff, he purchased the hospital in February 2014. Prior to owning Hanover Green, Dr. Lorentzen spent eight years at Virginia Tech, where he earned a DVM, and worked in emergency medicine for 10 years. Dr. Lorentzen served on the VMCVM Alumni Board of Directers from 2015 until 2023 and was President from 2020-2022.

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    Headshot of Marianne Martinson.
    Alumni Spotlight: Marianne Martinson '87, DVM '92 , article

    Marianne Martinson fondly reflects on how VMCVM prepared her for the 'real world' through enhanced communication, collaboration, and resourcefulness. And as an unexpected bonus, those all-nighters seemed to have readied her for the challenges of motherhood!

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    Headshot of Lauren Maxey.
    Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Maxey '08 DVM '13 , article

    Lauren Maxey credits VMCVM for equipping her with the knowledge and tools she needed to fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She remains closely connected to her alma mater through events and the vibrant alumni community.

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    Family outside with a dog.
    Alumni Spotlight: Patrick McGlone (DVM '10) , article

    Patrick McGlone currently lives in Charlotte, NC, with my wife Alida (his VMCVM classmate) and their two kids. He has been working for Banfield for the past 13 years, starting as an associate DVM, then a Chief of Staff, then Director, and now Vice President.

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    Headshot of John McQuiston.
    Alumni Spotlight: John McQuiston (MS '92) , article

    John McQuiston currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a team lead in the Special Bacteriology Reference Laboratory.

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    Headshot of Donald Prater.
    Alumni Spotlight: Donald Prater (DVM '96) , article

    A conversation with Donald Prater (DVM '96), Acting Director of the Office of Food Policy and Response (OFPR) and the Associate Commissioner for Imported Food Safety at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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    Veterinary professional doing rehab on a dog.
    Alumni Spotlight: Nina Miller Prill DVM '91 , article

    Meet Nina Miller Prill DVM '91 whose advice to current DVM students is to "believe in your dreams. Follow your passion. Be indispensable in your first jobs and learn as much as you can. Don't be afraid to try new procedures. Do your best."

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    Photo of Tabitha Viner standing in front of snowy mountains.
    Alumni Spotlight: Viner (DVM '98) , article

    Tabitha Viner has been at the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory since 2010. She is part of the pathology section at the lab and works with other Fish and Wildlife Service scientists in the fields of genetics, morphology, and criminalistics on crimes involving birds and endangered species.

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    Two people laying down beside water with photography equipment to capture wildlife.
    Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Davis , article

    Meet Jennifer Davis, a dedicated faculty member at the veterinary college since 2017. She's not just a teacher; she's a graduate of the college herself, with a deep passion for educating future veterinarians.