Another Virginia Tech Giving Day has come and gone with an incredible wave of community support. 

This year, the college stood behind our commitment of providing affordable veterinary care by putting all our efforts towards raising money for the compassionate care program, which offsets the cost of veterinary care for families who may not be able to afford care otherwise.

Seeing the need for more funding to help pets receive life-saving care at all three of our hospitals, Cynthia and John Hilson, Margie Lee, and James Dorsey and Linda Satterwhite stepped up to offer additional gifts as we hit donor participation milestones throughout the day for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Animal Cancer Care and Research Center, and the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, respectively.

As the day marched on, the number of donors grew larger. At 100, 200, and 300 donors, those larger gifts unlocked supporting compassionate care for the hospitals, resulting in a total of $37,742 raised that will have an immediate impact on pet parents’ lives. To top it off, our final number of donors at the end of the 24 hours resulted in a $100,000 gift from Michael and Jennifer Stanton supporting the expansion and renovation of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, a project that facilitates our ability to continue to provide world-class, compassionate animal health care for years to come.

Number of donors: 453
Dollars Raised: $176,845

Compassionate Care Fund Amount
Animal Cancer Care and Research Center $7,567
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center $14,093
Veterinary Teaching Hospital $16,082


Written by Kevin Myatt, Writer/Editor for the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.


Andrew Mann
Director of Communications and Marketing