Angela Webb

Office Manager and Event Coordinator, Academic Affairs

I am married to Steve Webb, 26 years. We have three living children, Morgan, Maggie and Macy. We lost our oldest child, Megan, in November 2021. I have one son-in-law, Evan. We have three grandchildren, Avri, Brylee and Camden. I am very fortunate to have my mom and stepdad, Freeda and Freddie, my in-laws, Zenna and Ernie, and my grandma, Sylvia. I have many, many friends at VT and beyond. My family and friends are of utmost importance to me.

When did you join the veterinary college?

I have been with the college for almost 10 years but with the university for 26 plus.

The best part of being at VMCVM...

I have really enjoyed working at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Each day is a new challenge and I am doing different work on different days. I love our DVM students and love seeing them from orientation all the way through to graduation. It is very rewarding to feel like that you have a part in their success while they are studying here at the college. I really enjoy working with the scholarship committee and getting to post awards on students’ accounts. I am really fortunate that I get to be a part and do some very cool things at the college, including even the departmental budget.

Best advice I've gotten...

Its fine to work really hard every day, but you have to take care of yourself and ensure a healthy balance.

How would you capture the essence of your work in a newspaper headline?

Angie Webb may not know all the answers but she knows who does! Within 26-plus years I have worked with a lot of people all over campus and luckily I have a lot of colleagues and friends. Angie also loves to laugh and live life to the fullest.

My hidden talent...

I am a good Gigi and enjoy my grandbabies. I am pretty talented with the spoiling aspect!

A person who has inspired me...

The Academic Affairs team and leadership continues to be my inspiration. We work really hard and no matter what the task to try our best to stay successful. Sometimes when times are tough and tiring, we can always seem to find success at the end of the task. Outside of work, my inspiration is my Grandma Sylvia, almost 96 years young. I inspire to always be as happy, hardworking and humble as she is. She inspires and brings me and our family great joy!

Family standing in front of a lake.
Angela Webb and her family. Photo courtesy of Angela Webb.

Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time working with animals?

My cat, Finn, loves to show off during zoom sessions. He can be a bit embarrassing. Lots of VT folks know him by name.

What do you find most inspiring or fulfilling about working with students and helping them pursue their careers?

I see the ups, downs, lows and everything in the middle for DVM students. I really enjoying seeing what it takes for them to be successful as a student and beyond. Being a DVM student is not an easy task but our DVM students are awesome humans!

One misconception that all students seem to have is?

Sometimes I think that they are surprised that our college cares so much for them. Whether it’s through the food bank, kind word before an exam, offering a ride, checking on them sporadically, etc. they always seem surprised that we care so much.

If I had a superpower, it would be...

My life in and outside of work would be perfect. Everything would be done before it needed to and everything would be neatly perfect and in order. I would be laughing all the time and able to jet off or drive for short or long adventures anytime I wanted, with anyone I wanted. I love little trips with family and friends.

If you could magically grant an animal the ability to talk, which one would you choose and what do you think it would say?

Finn my cat is my favorite. He can do almost everything but talk. I think he would say he loved living with the Webbs and he would remind us that he is and will remain the King of the House.

Two women sitting at the kitchen table stringing and snapping beans.
Angela Webb and her 96 year old grandmother. Photo courtesy of Angela Webb.

A cause I'm most passionate about...

I am very passionate about resources and caring for senior adults and children. I think this is so important and I love thinking I am helping both ages. My grandma is almost 96 and she is awesome! So many times that help is free of charge and is a kind word, errand, gesture or a smile.

Favorite way to end the day...

I love pajamas! Depending on when my day ends, you can find me at home in some cool pajamas, relaxing with the family.

Top of my bucket list...

Enjoying and laughing with my family and friends is always at the top of my list. I don't need anything very fancy but any time with family and friends is awesome. I have had a wonderful career at Virginia Tech. I do see retirement in my future within the next 5-10 years and look forward to more time to enjoy the family and friends.

My favorite quote...

Work Hard, Play Hard (I say this a lot)

How many pets/animals live at home? Can you tell us about them?

We have three inside pets.

Finn, our cat, that we adopted from the vet school some time ago. He is wild and spoiled.

Toby and Charlie, our dogs, that are Shih Tzu and Maltese mixed. They are very spoiled as well, and Finn bosses them around.


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