Joanne Tuohy, DVM, PhD, DACVS–Small Animal

Assistant Professor, Surgical Oncology, Animal Cancer Care and Research Center

When did you join the college?

March 2019

The best part of being faculty is …

There are many wonderful things about being a faculty member at the VTCVM, for example, the opportunity to work with veterinary students as they progress through their education, the collaborative opportunities for biomedical and clinical research, the opportunity to be part of the team at the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center.

How would you capture the essence of your work in a newspaper headline?

My work focuses on clinical care of patients with cancer and their owners, on comparative oncology research to benefit veterinary and human patients with cancer, and on educating budding veterinarians and surgeons.

A person who has inspired me...

Dr. Stephen Withrow

Words of encouragement to a current veterinary college student...

Despite whatever challenges one may face progressing through the veterinary curriculum, continue focusing on our common desire to help pets and their owners.

If I had a superpower, it would be...

To be able to perform apparition.

This excites me the most about the future of my industry...

Exciting growth and developments in comparative oncology research such as new tumor ablation techniques and immunotherapies.

A cause I'm most passionate about...

Improve treatments and outcomes for pets and people with cancer.

How many pets/animals live at home?

I have one dog, Jasper. He is a goofy mixed breed dog who loves to sing to his favorite artist and to lay out in the sun to nap.

Dog laying in fall leaves.
Close up of a dogs snout.


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Director of Communications and Marketing