Becky Funk, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Clinical Associate Professor, Equine Field Service

When did you join the college?

February 2011

The best part of being faculty is …

The opportunity to learn from so many people- other faculty, staff, students, and clients.

The best advice I've gotten …

Be happy. My mentor Reed Holyoak used to say that to me all the time. I don't always listen to him, but it is excellent advice. Make the choice to be happy.

How would you capture the essence of your work in a newspaper headline?

Teaching the next generation of veterinarians, one horse at a time.

My hidden talent...

I like to try various activities- I swam in college, having never competitively swum before; I took up running and ran several half marathons and one full marathon, then tried mini triathlons for a while, I took up knitting while injured, and now I am baking- which is a popular hobby with my colleagues since they get baked goodies.

A person who has inspired me...

So many people. My mom is an amazing role model and probably the person who has inspired me the most. She was a multi-entrepreneur and money wizard. She also loves horses and is always looking for ways to improve their comfort and wellbeing.

Words of encouragement to a current veterinary college student...

This job is tough, but totally worth it. There will be lows, but you will make a huge difference to so many people and animals. Stay strong and be happy.

One misconception that all students seem to have is...

That there is an answer to every question. Primary care veterinary practice leaves far more questions than answers in your mind.

If I had a superpower, it would be...

Talking to animals.

This excites me the most about the future of my industry...

The knowledge that we gain every day through research and practice will revolutionize veterinary care. We are always improving, finding better ways to do our jobs.

A cause I'm most passionate about...

Spay and neuter- there are far too many pets in shelters.

Favorite way to end the day...

A walk with my two dogs.

Top of my bucket list...

A trip to New Zealand.

My favorite quote…

Where you step, there is your path.

How many pets/animals live at home?

I have two dogs and two horses. My dogs are Andy and Ollie. Andy is an old grumpy man at heart, but he loves attention and is a real sweetheart. Ollie is carefree and fun-loving. His energy lights up a room. The two horses are Nada and Desi. Nada is a failed dressage horse come trail horse. Desi is a former Western performance now semi-retired pleasure horse.

Two people in a barn with a horse.
Dog standing in a field with a ball in their mouth.
People standing in a barn.
Two people and a dog outside.
Two people with a waterfall behind them.
Three veterinary professionals working in a field.
Black dog sitting on a rug.
Dog sitting on a rug.


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