Katie Reuss, LVT

Large Animal Veterinary Technician in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

When did you join the veterinary college?


What is your role at the veterinary college?

Large Animal Veterinary Technician

The best part of being at VMCVM...

Horses! And showing the students how to handle and enjoy them!

Best advice I've gotten...

You can't be brave if you are never scared.

How would you capture the essence of your work in a newspaper headline?

"Technician capable of answering up to a thousand questions per minute!”

My hidden talent...


A person who has inspired me...

Dave Lawrence, who taught me more than I thought I could ever know about horses.

Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time working with animals?

Memorable moments happen every day between horses and people who are new to working with them. Their empathy for humans is inspiring and most students leave this rotation with at least an appreciation for how incredible they are.

What do you find most inspiring or fulfilling about working with students and helping them pursue their careers?

Watching them working as a team and grow into confident young vets.

One misconception that all students seem to have is?

That they will fail or be judged as a failure.

If I had a superpower, it would be...


A cause I'm most passionate about...


Favorite way to end the day...

Driving the long way home.

My favorite quote...

"There are moral laws of the universe that can be broken with impunity no more than can it's physical laws"

If you could communicate with animals for a day, what would you ask them?

What is it like to always live in the present and never consider the future?

How many pets/animals live at home? Can you tell us about them?

I have a riding horse (Denali), two mini horses (Dandy and Sparkle), and an outdoor cat. They are all perfect of course.

Person petting a pony.
Close up of a black and white horse.
Pony wearing sunglasses on it's head.
Two ponies holding a cardboard letter "U" in their mouths.


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