Sophie Bogers, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, DACVS–Large Animal

Clinical Assistant Professor in Large Animal Surgery

When did you join the college?


The best part of being faculty is …

Being inspired by the students I teach – especially by their different viewpoints. Working together to make our patients healthy again!

Best advice I've gotten …

You will always be able to find a good job, but you won't always be able to find good people – when you do, hang onto them!

How would you capture the essence of your work in a newspaper headline?

Large animal surgeons declare that no day is the same when helping their patients.

My hidden talent...

Toddler wrangling.

A person who has inspired me...

The equine vet in my hometown as a child. Thank you for letting me ride in the truck with you!

Words of encouragement to a current veterinary college student...

You are doing a great job. You are going to be okay, and you will get there. :)

One misconception that all students seem to have is...

That you need to be "horsey" to be an equine vet .... actually some of the best equine practitioners I have met didn't spend time with horses until they were in veterinary school!

If I had a superpower, it would be..

Creating more time in the day!

This excites me the most about the future of my industry...

That equine veterinarians are banding together to address work-life balance and coming up with creative solutions that work!

A cause I'm most passionate about...

Helping young people to achieve their goals.

Favorite way to end the day...

Reading to my daughter before bed.

Top of my bucket list...

Spend time with the nomadic people and horses of Mongolia.

My favorite quote…

"Everything seems better after a good night's sleep" - credit to my mum.

How many pets/animals live at home?

One dog called Alife from Montgomery County Shelter.

Anything else to add?

To our veterinary students: Thank you for letting me teach you!


Andrew Mann
Director of Communications and Marketing